Rewrite Your Story from Surviving to Thriving

with Complex PTSD

Trauma-Informed Embodied Writing for Healing the Whole You

I'm in! How do I get started?

Many people suffering in survival mode through their adulthood don’t realize these patterns are connected to childhood trauma wounds. 

And that patterns of behavior that might seem normalized given your upbringing are actually symptoms of Complex PTSD, like:

  • You feel alone in all of your relationships. 
  • You find yourself attracting the same partner over and over again and wondering why the relationship patterns keep repeating
  • You stay in significant relationships long after you realize they aren’t right or safe for you
  • Your emotions feel overwhelming to you and sometimes cause you to shut down or withdraw.
  • You have a hard time trusting the closest people in your life, like best friends and partners. 
  • You are a people-pleaser and seek validation from others. 
  • You feel nervous, anxious, or stressed out often and have a hard time relaxing or feeling fully recharged when you do rest. 
  • You use TV binges, food, drugs, alcohol, social media, or other ways of numbing and disconnecting to self-medicate.
  • You’ve tried doing all the self-care things and you’re frustrated that unhealthy patterns and behaviors still have a strong grip on you.

You aren’t alone and this isn’t your fault.

When complex trauma is experienced in childhood, many of us grow up not knowing a life outside of the survival mechanisms that kept us alive through a period of our lives where we had very little power, control, or say in how we were treated or cared for.

These survival mechanisms have strong roots, solidified during the early years when our brain and body systems and our sense of the world were still developing. These roots run so deep that they are often seen repeated in all facets of our adult lives, like in our significant relationships, our family systems, our work environment, and in the way we view ourselves.

But here's the thing...

the signs show up in our physical body, too.

Always feeling unsafe keeps our nervous systems working overtime and our bodies in a constant state of perceived threat. This affects everyday functioning and can manifest as: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hormone dysregulation
  • Chronic digestive issues 
  • Depression and anxiety 

Has this been your story so far?

I know it so well because it was mine.

 I’m Juniper and I’m so glad you’re here.   

I come from a childhood of neglect and abandonment, financially and emotionally unstable and chronically unsafe.  It took me decades of being trapped inside the story that helped me survive this upbringing to learn about c-PTSD and how my early development trauma created deep roots in my experience of life as an adult. 

It wasn’t until my 30’s when I took the brave step to seek myself out and heal the wounds that were holding me back from the life I longed for. I’ve been on quite a journey since, with the culmination of my personal and professional work standing before you today as... 

The Writing Body 

Embodied Writing for Healing the Whole You.

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Cool... But How?

Truly integrative healing starts with your body. 

Talk therapy, journaling, mindfulness- these things can be helpful, but they aren’t the key to the transformation you’re longing for because they typically only engage with the mind, where your survival story lives. This puts you in direct battle with the mechanisms that have kept you alive your whole life. 

And, friend,  this isn’t a battle you’re going to easily win. 

We need to get out of the head and into the body to access your emotions, your core wounds, and the trapped trauma energy that your body has been holding on to all this time. Using somatic (also known as embodiment) practices, such as breathwork, movement, sound, touch, grounding, guided meditation, and nervous system regulation, you release pent-up tension, trauma, and stress held in the body, while cultivating a deeper sense of presence, resilience, and empowerment.

So where does the writing part of

 embodied writing come in?

Embodied writing is the most holistic and most effective way to transform your survival story into one of thriving.

It’s because we don’t look at your healing work at any singular level- just your mind, or just your body, or just your emotions

 We take care of the Whole You and use writing as the piece that brings all your systems together: body, brain, survival mind, stress response, nervous system, emotions, cognition, and comprehension. 

This is how you start rewriting the survival story you’ve been trapped inside and write yourself as the main character of your own story of thriving.

This whole idea might feel overwhelming or scary and that’s ok.

I see you and I’m with you.

I get it because I’ve been here myself, exasperated by all the ways I’ve already tried to make change and hopeless because none of them have ever stuck. Seeing all my old coping mechanisms and destructive habits sliding back into place and reinforcing the belief that I don’t deserve the life I long for. That it just doesn't happen for “people like me” because of what I went through. Because of the darkness I carry.   

I’m also living, breathing proof that it is possible to break free from the haze of survival mode you’ve lived inside of your whole life and become the author of the life you love living.

And with that comes:

Peace within in yourself first

Learn practical techniques for calming your nervous system, identifying and releasing emotions, and reclaiming your own safety, confidence, and worth. Learn to embrace the Whole You.


Nourishing and loving relationships

Discover relationships of real connection, deep intimacy, love, validation, safety, and support. Powerfully and without guilt, end relationships with people and behaviors that no longer feel aligned with the Whole You.

Write your own story of thriving

By embracing the whole story of the Whole You, you get to write your future from a place of power, purpose, and agency.



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