Break free from the grip of patterned behaviors and destructive relationships and write the healing story of your childhood trauma.

Trauma-Informed Embodied Writing for Healing the Whole You

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Many people suffering through the symptoms of trauma in their adulthood don’t realize they are connected to their early childhood experiences. 

 These symptoms often show up in a common pattern for survivors:

  • You feel alone in all of your relationships. 
  • You find yourself attracting the same partner over and over again and wondering why the relationship patterns keep repeating
  • You stay in significant relationships long after you realize they aren’t right or safe for you
  • Your emotions feel overwhelming to you and sometimes cause you to shut down or withdraw.
  • You have a hard time trusting the closest people in your life, like best friends and partners. 
  • You are a people-pleaser and seek validation from others. 
  • You feel nervous, anxious, or stressed out often and have a hard time relaxing or feeling fully recharged when you do rest. 
  • You use TV binges, food, drugs, alcohol, social media, or other ways of numbing and disconnecting to self-medicate.
  • You’ve tried doing all the self-care things and you’re frustrated that unhealthy patterns and behaviors still have a strong grip on you.

You aren’t alone and this isn’t your fault.

When trauma is experienced in childhood, many of us grow up not knowing a life outside of the survival mechanisms that kept us alive through a period of our lives where we had very little power, control, or say in how we were treated or cared for.

These survival mechanisms have strong roots, solidified during the early years when our brain and body systems and our sense of the world were still developing. These roots run so deep that they are often seen repeated in all facets of our adult lives, like in our significant relationships, our family systems, our work environment, and in the way we view ourselves.

The signs show up in our physical body, too.

Always feeling unsafe keeps our nervous systems working overtime and our bodies in a constant state of perceived threat. This affects everyday functioning and can manifest as: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hormone dysregulation
  • Chronic digestive issues 
  • Depression and anxiety 

While it may feel overwhelming or scary to do the work of addressing your childhood wounds, it is possible.

And with that comes:

Peace within in yourself first

Learn practical techniques for calming your nervous system, identifying and releasing emotions, and reclaiming your own safety, confidence, and worth. Learn to embrace the Whole You.


Nourishing and loving relationships

Discover relationships of real connection, deep intimacy, love, validation, safety, and support. Powerfully and without guilt, end relationships with people and behaviors that no longer feel aligned with the Whole You.

Write the next chapters of the life you desire to live

By embracing the whole story of the Whole You, you get to write your future from a place of power, purpose, and agency.



Tell me more, Please!


Has this been your story so far?

I know it so well because it was mine. 

I come from a childhood of neglect and abandonment, financially and emotionally unstable and chronically unsafe.  

For decades of my life, the survival story developed in my early years played inside my mind, keeping me convinced that if I just tried harder to figure it out myself, changed jobs, apartments or cities, or stayed in that relationship and kept trying new ways to make it work that I would finally be able to “fix” my issues and be on my way to my best life. 

Except… it just doesn’t work like that. 

No matter how busy I kept myself, how long I made to the to-do list, how many work trips I planned, how many bottles of wine and binges on Netflix, how many people I took care of to “fix” their problems, I could never outrun just how broken, sad, alone and unwanted I felt. I was alive, but I wasn’t really living.

A partnership with an exceptional therapist helped me to awaken to myself, name the traumas I’ve lived through, and start to reclaim the parts of me that needed care, love and support the most. But talk therapy wasn’t enough on its own for me. I was craving something more holistic, something that felt like it tied everything together- mind, body, and spirit. 

And it was here that The Writing Body was born. My purpose became offering an accessible way to support and empower childhood trauma survivors to reclaim their lives through writing and storytelling, to be in community with others, and to remember we are not alone in our suffering... or in our collective healing.

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How does it work?

I offer a framework to support and empower you in your recovery journey by joining somatic (embodiment) practices with expressive writing as a holistic approach to healing the Whole You

Embodiment work strengthens the connection to yourself and your own internalized sense of safety, as well as allows access to the body’s lived experiences and emotional wounds. 

Expressive writing brings body and mind together to emotionally and cognitively process through what comes up. 

When put together, you start to write the story of your own healing. 

Hear what people are saying

I went along with the process which allowed me to be more rooted and focused. Letting emotion spill onto paper from pen was cathartic, healing and felt safe. The breath work and somatic portion grounded me. With self-awareness and space to process life things life felt easier because the past three years have been some of the hardest of my life. The pandemic was a lot, but with Juniper’s coaching I have been starting to dig out of the hole I felt I was in, and rebuild with a strong foundation. Juniper is a gifted coach and I can’t recommend her enough. Trust the process you will not be sorry.


This is the most practical guidance I've ever received. It's actionable and helps me see what I CAN do rather than just resist. Your insight and willingness to offer real ways to apply the work is powerful and supportive, gives me hope that it's not going to remain elusive!! I can't express how much you’ve helped me shift!!


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